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Our THER-BIOTIC™ probiotic range has arrived!

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Our new THER-BIOTIC™ range, is a health professional probiotic range, featuring clinically researched probiotic strains, formulated with the optimal dose to address the health needs of your patients – all in a convenient shelf-stable, one-a-day format.

Each THER-BIOTIC™ product has been formulated in line with the latest research with condition specific strains at clinical concentrations. No filler strains and no fluff.

  • Clinically researched probiotics
  • Shelf-stable for fridge-free convenience
  • Unique strain formulations with optimal therapeutic dose
  • Offers targeted health benefits
  • Once a day dosage for convenience


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What is  Recurrent Cystitis

What is Recurrent Cystitis

Lifestyle insight

This article will explain what recurrent cystitis is and why it affects some women more than others. We will also cover how to reduce the risk of recurrent cystitis by making some simple changes to diet and lifestyle, and how it may be possible to avoid recurrence.

Urinary Tract Health
21 Day Sleep Challenge

21 Day Sleep Challenge

Lifestyle insight

Are you part of the 45% of Australian’s suffering from poor sleep? Tired of sleeplessness and ready to reset your sleep cycle?

Do you want to help your child learn and focus?

Do you want to help your child learn and focus?

Lifestyle insight

Help your child increase their attention span, improve learning ability and support developing brains.

Early Childhood Learning