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Complimentary Health Professional Webinar

A review of bacopa monnieri for cognitive health

The clinical research and cognitive benefits of CDRI 08


In this concise clinical and evidence-based review, Prof. Stough will cover the following learning objectives: 

  • Outline the complexity of cognitive processes
  • Examine the numerous human clinical trials for CDRI 08
  • Discuss the positive outcomes of CDRI 08 on learning, memory and mild anxiety
  • Describe the evidence-based clinical uses for CDRI 08
  • Reveal the two key factors that underpin cognitive ageing and are improved by CDRI 08
  • Discuss the acute and chronic dosing study outcomes
  • Review CDRI 08 safety, tolerability and production processes
  • And more….


By registering, you will have on-demand access to two complimentary webinars: 

  1. The clinical research and cognitive benefits of CDRI 08 (35 min)

  2. CDRI 08: the development and preclinical research (40 min)

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