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Asymptomatic bacteriuria, aged care and antibiotics – evidence and alternatives

Asymptomatic bacteriuria is prevalent in the elderly, especially among those in hospitals and residential aged care facilities. Diagnosis can be difficult and antibiotics are often prescribed as a safety net, however, as this line of treatment is being called into question due to side-effects and antibiotic resistance – could cranberry help?

Urinary Tract Infection Prevention: Does Cranberry Have a Role?

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are prevalent, particularly in women, and contribute a significant burden to the individual and healthcare system. Currently antibiotics are the main treatment option for UTIs and are also used as a preventative strategy in managing recurrent infections. Overuse of antibiotics allows microbes to develop resistance, be less effective over time and common infections such are UTIs may carry increased risk of mortality and morbidity. This paper will explore the issues and limitations with prophylactic antibiotics to manage recurrent UTIs, such as side effects of treatment and antimicrobial resistance. Evidence for cranberry’s role in UTI prevention and possible mechanisms of action will also be detailed.

Part 2: Choosing an Effective Cranberry Supplement for Urinary Tract Health

Hear global cranberry expert, Dr Amy Howell, discuss factors influencing efficacy of cranberry supplements for the maintenance of urinary tract health.

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