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You'll love us as SFI Health

We've recently introduced a fresh new look across our portfolio of evidence-based medicines. Previously represented by the Flordis brand, we've introduced SFI Health as our primary brand to represent our company and products worldwide.

This enables us to leverage the wider expertise within our company, share more of what we do with regional markets, including product launches and scientific support and in this way better help you to experience better health outcomes.

While we are transitioning from Flordis to SFI Health, all our products remain the same high quality, clinically researched natural health products that you know and trust.

Why has our packaging changed?

Our products are now on shelf in a fresh new look that has been developed to give us our different markets together, so we can represent our brand consistently around the world - making it easy for our customers to find the products they love.

Globally tested in the Asia pacific region, Europe and America. Both health professionals and consumers who liked us as Flordis, love us as SFI Health! Our new look is rated #1 compared to previous packaging and other designs.

As Flordis evolves to become SFI Health:

  • The high quality, clinically researched medicines that you know and trust stay the same.
  • Our portfolio is internationally recognisable under one global brand, with bold shelf presence.
  • We gain global access to our two R&D centres, scientific experts and manufacturing capabilities
  • We can achieve more in our commitment to sustainability and social progress

SFI Health: Our proven products; our specialty and strength

Our vision is to deliver human microbiome, cognitive and wellbeing natural solutions that enable people to make informed health choices confidently.

Cognitive Range

Cognitive Health Range

From the greatest thought to the most powerful emotion, the brain dictates how we think, feel and do. Intellectual activities such as learning, thinking, attention, reasoning and memory are critically dependent on its optimal health.

Based on extensive scientific evidence, SFI Health offers cognitive health products that nourish, protect and fuel the potential of each and every brain.

Wellbeing Range

Wellbeing & Women's Health Range

It’s easy to take general health for granted but a lot has to go right just to keep us well. Numerous health systems have to be protected, nourished and maintained.

That’s why at SFI Health all of our expertise and research insights go into crafting a portfolio of nutraceutical products precisely balanced to support your overall health and wellbeing.

Microbiome Range

Probiotics Range

The human microbiome is an intricate ecosystem of a trillion diverse micro-organisms. Its health is essential to support immunity, metabolism, cardiovascular health and cognition.

Through decades of meticulous research and innovation, SFI Health has formulated products respectful of the balance of the microbiome that supports health by restoring and maintaining its functionality.

Our commitment

At SFI Health, this transition is a milestone in our journey and we want our loyal and new health professionals and consumers to embrace this change, in our commitment of providing quality controlled ingredients from source to patient, the use of clinical research to support our products and we have the expertise to deliver the highest quality natural health care solutions for all of humanity.

SFI Health Commitment

We know complementary healthcare can be a complex category to navigate and we recognise that only the right products, used in the right way for the right conditions can positively support health. We take this responsibility seriously at SFI Health.

This is why we have taken the steps to improve our packaging to ensure it’s even better to understand.

We are proud to introduce the new packaging. The new design has been carefully tested in the Asia pacific region, Europe and America and this design performed most strongly on consumer and healthcare professionals.

At SFI Health this is an example of how we help advance the human quality of life.

With the new packaging it is easier to select the right product for the condition. The colour coding allows health professionals to know what category the products fall into:

  • Orange for Cognitive Health
  • Yellow for General Wellbeing including Women's Health
  • Blue for Microbiome

The premium design communicates the unparalleled source to patient approach where quality is controlled every step of the way. Our products use researched ingredients, and we rely on clinical evidence to formulate our products. Our packaging research indicates the new design reflects a more premium image, better aligned to our high-quality products.

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