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PMS: An in-depth clinical overview

Hear from international expert, Dr Si Chen in this on-demand webinar series on PMS.

This 3 part webinar series from SFI Health provides an in-depth overview of PMS diagnosis and management, including the research and efficacy of the unique Vitex agnus-castus extract Ze 440.  

Part 1: PMS and its implications on quality of life (10 min)

Part 2: Diagnosis and Management of PMS/PMD (17 min)

Part 3: Vitex agnus castus extract Ze 440 in the management of PMS (14 min)


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Prof. Dr. Petra Stute

Speaker’s background

Doctor Si Chen is the business development manager of the medical division at Max Zeller Söhne AG, with a scientific background in diverse therapeutic areas, and a PhD in molecular neurobiology.

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Learning Outcomes


The latest 3 part complimentary miniseries from SFI Health provides an in-depth overview of PMS, discusses the recommended first line therapy Vitex agnus-castus, and reviews the research and efficacy of the unique extract Ze 440.

International expert Dr Chen will provide valuable clinical insights on all aspects of PMS, including:

  • A historical classification of PMS
  • Research showing the prevalence of PMS worldwide
  • Socio-demographic risk factors and aetiology of PMS 
  • The impact of PMS on quality of life, with astounding statistics
  • The current diagnostic classification challenge
  • Characteristics of the newer classification: premenstrual disorders (PMD)
  • Holistic and medical treatment options
  • Therapeutic indications, production and quality of the unique Vitex agnus-castus extract Ze 440
  • Ze 440 and vitex potential modes of action 
  • Research review and efficacy of Ze 440 in PMS


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Who should attend?

  • Integrative health professionals
  • General Practitioners
  • Women’s Health Specialists
  • Naturopaths

Webinar details

  • 3 micro webinars - total viewing time of 40min 
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  • Complimentary
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