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Equazen - For supporting learning, attention and cognitive function in children

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Equazen is a supplement with a specific combination and scientifically researched ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, derived from responsibly sourced fish oil and evening primrose oil. This carefully balanced formula uses a clinically trialled EQUABALANCE ratio of EPA:DHA:GLA at 9:3:1 and has been clinically researched to support concentration, enhance learning ability, such as reading and writing, and support cognitive and brain function in children.1-12 

Equazen is well tolerated and available as capsules or easy-to-take strawberry flavoured chewable capsules.

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EQUAZEN Clinical Review

Technical product information about EQUAZEN's scientifically researched EQUABALANCE EPA/DHA/GLA 9:3:1 ratio blend shown to improve learning tasks, such as reading, spelling and writing

The Equazen Quality Difference

The Equazen fish oil range provides the clinically researched EQUABALANCE EPA/DHA/GLA 9:3:1 blend, sourced from concentrated fish oil omega-3 triglycerides and evening primrose oil.

Cognitive Health Prescribing Guide

Download our Cognitive Health Prescribing Guide to help you understand when to prescribe the integrative medicines within the cognitive health range: KeenMind, Equazen, Gincosan, Remotiv and ReDormin Forte.