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Untroubled sleep in troubled times

This exclusive webinar discusses strategies and therapies to support quality sleep during times of stress and uncertainty. 

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About this webinar 

With a reported 33-45% of Australian adults having inadequate sleep, it is crucial we understand and convey to our clients the importance of healthy sleep ecology.

In this concise webinar, Prof Dr. Veronika Butterweck discusses the dynamics between stress and sleep and the different factors that can affect sleep physiology. Dr. Butterweck also examines the different pharmaceutical and herbal options for sleeplessness and provides an overview of specific research on the fixed combination extract of valerian & hops Ze 91019.

Topics discussed:

  • Causes of sleep problems
  • Normal sleep physiology & the long and short term impacts of sleep disruption
  • Evaluating sleep therapies for patients
  • Phytomedicines for sleeplessness – examining the evidence
Our speaker's background 

Prof. Dr. Veronika Butterweck has a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Biology and is Medical Director at Max Zeller & Soehne in Romanshorn, Switzerland. Prof. Butterweck has published over 90 scientific publications. Her research focus is on experimental phytopharmacology and pharmacokinetics of natural products. She was also Editor in Chief of Planta Medica from 2016-2018 and member of the American Botanical Council Advisory Board.

This webinar is currently available on our health professional website. 

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